Why We Started My Beauty Alchemy

Ultimate clean beauty. Impossible to have clean beauty products with no preservatives. We create an ultimate clean product with ingredients that you can eat. 





All the issues with the beauty products industry. Lack of transparency. Lack of regulation around toxic elements. Pollutions. Etc., etc.......


My Beauty Alchemy is your curated at-home spa subscription service, committed to helping you care holistically for your mind and body.

We’ve got you covered from head to toes with the most effective clean and green treatments, made from 100% organic and fair trade certified ingredients. With our beauty tools and curated recipes, you’ll prepare easy and fresh treatments for face, body, and hair, all in the comfort of your home. 



Victoria She

I was born to an aircraft engineer and a teacher of American literature in a country, which now doesn't exist. Growing up, the name and geographical borders of my country, the language, the currency, and even school history books were changed three times.

That experience taught me how to navigate comfortably in a world of unprecedented change. In our Age of Velocity one device is replaced by another, new technologies today will be obsolete tomorrow. I thrive on this fast-paced culture as I never settle for the expected and conventional, but work to push ideas and innovations to the market.