About Us

My Beauty Alchemy is a sustainable, organic & cruelty-free beauty brand based on the rituals of self-care.
We make self-care simple, convenient, effective and meaningful. My Beauty Alchemy brings the tranquility of the spa into your home for consistent self-care practices with the finest natural ingredients. Every kit is made from stuff you can pronounce, produced and packaged by people who love the planet. 
My Beauty Alchemy was founded on a simple idea: make clean spa treatments accessible to everyone. With this mission in mind, we curate self-care kits you can enjoy in the comfort of your home.



1. Convenience

Bringing the spa experience into the home is changing the quality of life for millions of people. From moms with young children and people with mobility issues to people looking to relieve stress without booking an appointment, in-home spa kits are changing the way people view self-care. If you’re overworked and overbooked it’s unlikely you have time to schedule a stress-reducing trip to the spa. My Beauty Alchemy’s subscription service exists specifically to circumvent these constraints so you can forgo or periodically complement the experience of a traditional spa and squeeze in a little personal time in exchange for the convenience and flexibility.

2. Consistency

Great skin and hair doesn’t come from just one spa visit, just like a great body doesn’t come from one visit to the gym. It’s been proven that more short beauty breaks work better over time rather than fewer long breaks.

Regular spa breaks at home complement your daily beauty routine, relieve stress and burnout as well as extend the effect of professional treatments at the dermatologist’s office to unlock your maximum beauty potential. My Beauty Alchemy is a subscription service that offers free monthly delivery to your door so you never have to postpone your beauty breaks. 

3. Pure organic ingredients and naked packaging:

Why pay more for a product that is mostly tap water, preservatives, artificial perfumes and plastic? My Beauty Alchemy treatments work better than conventional products while respecting our bodies and planet.

  • Result-driven skincare without chemicals:

We make our treatments with 100% non-synthetic, nontoxic ingredients that are found in nature.

  • No animal testing and eco-friendly:

We have zero tolerance for animal testing. We always strive to be as eco-friendly as possible, from our compostable, 100% recyclable multi-use tools and spa accessories to our recycled paperboard for sustainable packaging and soy-based ink.

  • Doing things differently:

We formulate, manufacture and package our kits by hand, giving each customer our personal attention. Our treatments are 100% safe as you prepare them fresh at home from pure ingredients without any chemical additives or preservatives. No greenwashing, as you know exactly what you put on your skin. No need to spend time on label reading or guessing if this product is truly clean and no need to plan your visit to spa or figure out how to build self-care routine on your own.


Most of the beauty industry sells us “photoshopped glamour” when what we need is self-love. It sells us quick fixes when we really need is a lifestyle change. It sells us invasive procedures when what we need is preventative care. 

We believe that better self-care starts with simple, high-quality ingredients and consistent, holistic practices. We believe you should demand transparency from the products you use. And we believe if you feel good, you look beautiful. 

We know how hard it can be to find a healthy beauty routine that fits into your busy schedule. We created My Beauty Alchemy to make it easy to turn self-care practices into a way of life for a healthier mind and body.



Victoria Sheverina is a beauty industry and brand marketing veteran who cut her chops at L’Oreal and Rodan + Fields. While pregnant with her daughter, she completely changed her beauty philosophy to focus on maintaining a healthier lifestyle, but with life running at warp speed, it was a challenge. So she decided to take her decade of experience in the industry and create a product that would make self-care and beauty convenient, clean and enjoyable.