An Experience for your Body and Mind

We’re about spa experiences rather than one-off treatments. Our roots are firmly planted in the ancient and present healing traditions of the spa retreats, the true source of wellness.
 We invite you to master the art of self-care by connecting you to Slow Beauty Rituals that awake relaxation, deliver nourishment and rejuvenation, unplug, re-energize and return you to a state 
of wholeness. 

 My Beauty Alchemy is your head-to-toe beauty concierge with our holistic three-month self-care transformation program for your face, hair, body and mind. Relax and enjoy The Experience!

Each individual program is about 1-2 hours long and consists of five rituals which have has been designed in preparation for the next in a certain sequence. Your experience starts the minute you open your beauty box with pre-measured portions, tools and easy-to-follow guides. Just open a box, mix the ingredients, add water and enjoy your fresh spa treatments without any chemical additives and preservatives.
Each kit provides everything you need for 2 complete spa experiences.

1. Detox kit - Start the program with a clean slate! Our first kit is full of deep detox beauty treatments for your face, body and scalp, featuring our Deep Detox Wheatgrass Facial to refine pores and regenerate skin. The Rosemary Detox & Volume Scalp Treatment improves circulation, removes product built-up, balances, hydrates and calms scalp while three other effective herbal-based treatments will help you clear toxins inside and out.

 Key ingredients:

  • Therapeutic Grade Rosemary Essential Oil
  • Certified Organic Wheatgrass Powder
  • French Green Clay

2. Rejuvenation kit - This flower power kit is full of treatments infused with medicine flowers and vitamins to regenerate your hair, face, body and soul after the deep detox. Our signature Rose Anti-Age Facial will rejuvenate and renew your skin’s texture while the Fermented Vitamin B Hair and Scalp Treatment will strengthen your hair, promote it’s growth and normalize scalp flora. The Flower Trio Tea Bath relaxes, regenerates and prepares you for our featured Candle Meditation Ritual. More rejuvenation treatments inside!

Key ingredients:

  • Pure Rose Absolute
  • Therapeutic Grade French Lavender Essential Oil
  • Certified Organic Coconut Milk Powder

 3. Radiance kit – Enhance your natural glow with this final kit in our three month transformative program. The Seaweed Mega-Gloss Hair Treatment will nourish your hair with plant protein and add a lustrous finish to your restored hair while the  Lavender-Vanilla Body Polish will renew, brighten and soften your skin and the Radiance Hibiscus Facial will brighten your face, improve your skin texture and even your skin tone for a dewy youthful glow. In addition to the treatments we provide you with the tools and effective facial massage techniques, so you can prolong the results of the program to enjoy your radiant skin, hair and mind longer!

Key ingredients:

  • Red Algae from the Dead Sea
  • Certified Organic Cold-Pressed Argan Oil
  • Certified Organic Hibiscus Powder